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Once you start keeping animals, you soon realise you have a long wish list of products you would like to buy, from books to aquariums to stands.

All products in this Shop section are either products that I can wholeheartedly recommend, or are products that I would like to buy myself.

Each product will be accompanied by multiple links of shops that sells it, in the hope you can find the best deal possible for you.

Which Shops I will be redirected to?

These are the selected shops you will be redirected to. If a free option is available, I’ll make sure to add it. 

If you find a better deal, don’t esitate to share it and I’ll include it in the product page 

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Amazon is the easiest way to find anything you may want, from books to aquariums, to accessories to food. Lots of products have free shipping, but some may not, so alway check shipping costs.



Amazing company that specialises on the sale of wildlife, ecology and conservation related products and books. They ship worlwide and are a good place to find those hard-to-find specialist books and materials.


The best collection of books covering the ecology of Newts and Salamanders, as well their captive husbandry. 

A necessary step to learn more about new species and how to keep and breed them.

Tanks & Accessories

A collection of deals on aquariums, filters and any other accessories you may find useful in keeping newts and salamanders. 

Coming soon…

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