Articles & Caresheets

Here you can find Care-sheets about a variety of species, as well as Deep Dive Articles on specific topics to better care and know your animals.

Small species from North America. Periodically very common in the pet trade it has become rarer in the last years. Fairly easy to keep and breed, but the juveniles are more difficult to raise.

Notophthalmus viridescens dorsalis in amplexus

Medium/large species from France and Spain. Given the characteristic green pattern on the back it has become a popular species to keep in the hobby, and CB juveniles can be bought from other breeders. The specie is easy to keep and breed, particularly the adults, which can be kept aquatic throughout the year.

Small species from China, once very common in the hobby but now quite rare due to the stop of imports. Very easy to care for and one of the most popular go-to species for newcomers in the hobby.

You did it! After to many tries your newts have laid their first eggs! Find out how to take care of eggs, larvae and juveniles of newts and salamanders.

Medium sized species from the border between Iran, Iraq and Turkey. It is quite hardy and voracious, lacks interspecific aggression and it is of easy care once you carefully study its needs.

Medium/large sized species originating from Japan. Very simple to Keep and very suitable for beginners given its hardiness, bright colors and being active at any time of the day.

Salamander originating from Japan with a stocky build and medium-small size (adults between 12 and 13 cm with exceptional records of 16cm), simple to keep and with very interesting reproductive habits.
Medium-small sized species native to North Africa, simple to breed but rare and uncommon in captivity