Why do we have ads and affiliate links?

This website was born as a way to share my passion with others and its main purpose remains the sharing of knowledge freely with its users, but when navigating the website you will see banner ads and affiliate links, why?

In short, maintaining a website costs money and the contribution from the ads and affiliate links are meant to help with these costs.

The main costs of a website are:

  • Domain: the cost of keeping the name of the website
  • Hosting: the cost of keeping the website online

These are the bare minimum costs for keeping a website online.
Maintenance of the website and writing of the articles is done out of the passion that I and the other contributors share for these animals.

In the graph below, you can see what we have earned so far through ads and affiliate links compared to how much the website will cost until 2022.

Cost of website from 2019 to 2022
Earnings from Ads and Affiliate links since 2019 8.6%

If you would like to support the website, think about buying anything on Amazon through this link. It will not cost you anything more, but it will contribute to supporting the website. Or if you want to support the website directly, you can make a donation at this link.


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