Geotritoni d'Italia

geotritoni d italia
Italian and English
Andrea Ambrogio
Sergio Mezzadri
Sebastiano Salvidio
Publication Year:
70 pages, 9 plates with colour illustrations; b/w illustrations

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Cave Salamanders of Italy is aimed at showing multiple aspects of these peculiar Urodeles’ morphology and biology. Although this group of amphibians is rather popular within the scientific community, there is currently a lack of extensive iconographic documentation about it, something the authors paid particular attention to.
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In fact, for the first time, the illustrations provided not only show the gender of the species, but also morphs, sub-adults, and juveniles. Especially using black-and-white line drawings, the book illustrates the cave salamanders’ morphological aspects (cirri, glandular swelling, naso-labial groove, etc.). The iconography shown in Cave Salamanders of Italy basically follows the concept which inspired the previous volume Tadpoles of Italy and thus shows a naturalistic rigour and realistic representation of observed live animals in all their variability, with neat and beautiful paintings resembling naturalistic works of the past, but with a modern edge. The written content, didactic with regards to the species, gives a most up-to-date picture about biological features, also covering the natural general history of such a fascinating group of amphibians in a concise and accurate manner.