Les Urodèles du Monde

Les Urodéles du Monde
Jean Raffaëlli
Publication Year:
480 pages, 1500 color photos and color illustrations, color distribution maps

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he Urodelae of the World is a true encyclopedia on the salamanders of the world and describes in detail all species and subspecies in the groups of newts and salamanders. This second edition updates the previous version from 2007 and present a detailed study of some species and subspecies of Urodela, following an extended period of important bibliographical work and many personal observations by the author both in the field and in captivity. Valuable notes on breeding are dotted throughout The World’s Urodeles , as the author has personal experience in captive rearing more than a quarter of the species present on the surface of the globe, including nearly all temperate forms, and more than twenty tropical species of the New World. He aussi benefited from the valuable help of a small number of hobbyists grouped dans le France UROD è Group (FUG). The Urodeles of the World is interested in both scientists and amateurs interested in learning about taxonomy, biology and ecology of salamanders and the requirements to raise them.
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les urodéles du monde page
les urodéles du monde page
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