The Genus Salamandra

the genus salamandra
Uwe Seidel
Philip Gerhardt
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156x218x34mm | 1,271g

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With contributions by Josef Schmidtler on the history of Fire Salamander research from ancient times until the early 20th century, recently discovered infectional diseases by Frank Pasmans and An Martel and 20 years of research on Salamandra algira by Sergé Bogaerts.

The book describes literally every aspect related to Salamandra. The natural history is described in detail and a focus (one beside others) is set on conservation breeding, an aspect that becomes more and more important (as Steinfartz points out in his preface).

the genus salamandra page
the genus salamandra page

The species chapters cover:

  • Salamandra salamandra in the Iberian peninsula,
  • Salamandra s. alfredschmidti,
  • Salamandra s. almanzoris,
  • Salamandra s. bejarae,
  • Salamandra s. bernardezi,
  • Salamandra s. crespoi,
  • Salamandra s. fastuosa,
  • Salamandra s. gallaica,
  • Salamandra s. longirostris,
  • Salamandra s. morenica,
  • Salamandra s. beschkovi,
  • Salamandra s. giglioli,
  • Salamandra s. salamandra,
  • Salamandra s. terrestris,
  • Salamandra s. werneri,
  • Salamandra algira,
  • Salamandra a. algira,
  • Salamandra .spelaea,
  • Salamandra a. splendens,
  • Salamandra a. tingitana,
  • Salamandra corsica,
  • Salamandra
  • infraimmaculata,
  • Salamandra i. infraimmaculata,
  • Salamandra i. orientalis,
  • Salamandra i. semenovi,
  • Salamandra a.atra,
  • Salamandra a.aurorae,
  • Salamandra a. pasubiensis,
  • Salamandra a.prenjensis,
  • Salamandra lanzai.
Since the authors fascination for these beautiful tailed amphibians primarily results from the unexceptional morphological variety, this aspect is a major part of the book and described by a compilation of the best photographs available.
the genus salamandra page